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  Manual Blog Posting Service  
The blog marketing is the new way to market your products, services and ideas. By utilizing the blogs to promote the product is an unusual but very effective and efficient way. By creating awareness about your product, you can increase the traffic at your blog.
  Traffic Generation  
If you have created a link in you blog, then you can create potential sales or lead for your product. You can give links within your blog or at the end of your blog, in this way you can create traffic at your website and this traffic will certainly increase your sales. Through this increased traffic, you can also create leads and these leads will benefit in the future.
  Brand Awareness  
With the help of you blog, you can create awareness about your product or service and if the people know about your product, and if it will be in their minds, when they will go for shopping, then certainly they will demand your product. So, by creating awareness, you can increase your sales.
When the people will read about your product, they will tell to their friends. So, this viral effect will increase your sales. Word of mouth marketing is very effective and you can capture this market with the help of your blog. If you share personal experiences with the readers, you can create affinity between your readers and you, and this affinity will help you to increase the sales of your product.
  Back links  
With the shrewd use of keywords and anchor text, blog marketing can also get benefit from search engine optimization. By additional listings in search and back links, you can increase the traffic at your blog, and through this increased traffic, you can increase your sales.
  Manual Blog Submission Packages  
Blog post- 1 writing article + 4 links submission to 300 blog sites –
Duration - 2 months
Price - 3000 Rs
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